Kenyan Supreme Court Unable to Hear Bid to Postpone Election

Kenya’s Supreme Court was unable to hold a hearing Wednesday to consider postponing the country’s presidential election, clearing the way for Thursday’s scheduled polling.

Chief Justice David Maraga said only two of the court’s seven judges were present, falling short of the five that are required.

A judge also ruled that appointments of electoral officers for Thursday’s election were done illegally.

Kenya’s election commission said the appointments were still valid and that the officers “will conduct the fresh presidential elections” on Thursday.

Thursday’s vote is Kenya’s second try this year to elect as president. The Supreme Court threw out the results of the August 8 election because of what it called “irregularities and illegalities.”

Opposition leader Raila Odinga, who withdrew his candidacy from the repeat poll, called on his supporters to protest what they perceive are ongoing problems with the election commission.

Article by VidWorld

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